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People, Places and Things

The children of Y6 used existing materials such as books, the internet and museums as sources for their research. Most of all, though, they gained information and opinions from people.

Mind Map
Andrew King

They had a day-long session with Andrew King, Freeman of the City of London, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and Vice Chairman of the Antiquarian Horological Society.

Andrew taught them about the life and work of John Harrison and the techniques he developed as he created his series of clocks and watches. Some of the questions which the children came up with are printed at the end of the booklet.

Pete Rogers The Humber Bridge

Pete Rogers, a marine engineer and sea captain, came and talked about the Humber, past and present.

Keith Miller, from English Heritage discussed what Barrow would have been like in Harrison’s day and how it has changed over the years.

Talking to older residents

In addition, children carried out interviews in depth with four older residents of the village about their childhood and Barrow in the previous century. They also interviewed pensioners who attended the monthly Lunch Club.

These are some of the things pupils learnt from people who have lived in Barrow for a long time:

Frances Kelly
Frances discusses the writing of the script

From local and Hull museums they learnt about the different ways in which information could be presented. They noted the importance of illustrations and pointed out how too much information could be overwhelming. They would have liked to build interactivity into the displays but unfortunately the budget did not permit it! They did appreciate that the progress of the project was being filmed and that aspects of their work would be available on line for anyone to access and for people to dip into.

The information that the pupils gathered fed into the new display boards and into the creation of a play. They Y6 pupils, with the help of Arts Worker Frances Kelly, scripted an original drama which they performed for the school and the parents over three performances, plus excerpts in the Market Place.

Click 'Harrison! the play script' to read the play.


Beginning to work on the script


Developing the drama

Some of the things the children made for the procession and the play

Procession items
Procession items Procession items

Procession items
Procession items Procession items

The Procession along Barrow High Street